Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's In a Name?

So, I'm starting this blog at the urging of some dear friends. This was their suggestion and encouragement to me when I told them that I want to write a book. Yes, a book, a WHOLE book. Me, write a book. I know, I can barely believe I'm contemplating this. But I want to write one. About what you ask. Well, about singleness. Yes, I know that I'm not single anymore, but I was single for 38 yrs. & married for only 3 months. So, here is my uncertain attempt at a blog. Please bare with me through this journey.

What is in a name? Well, in this name there are a few things to explain. First, yes for those of you who recognized it, it is in reference to a Caedmon's Call song "Table for Two." Why you ask. Because that song reminds me of the uncertainty and speculations that plagued much of my singleness. It reminds me of the nagging fear that I had actually missed my chance or had been given a gift that I most certainly did not want. Well, I guess I can wipe my forehead on that one. You may ask, "why the question mark." Again I did not get married until I was 38 yrs. old, which means I spent a good 18 yrs. wanting something that by the age of 38 I was quite sure I would NEVER get. It wasn't even a year ago that I fully believe and expressed to others that I would most likely never get married. For some reason, maybe all those years of wanting, I really believed that marriage was a good gift that was not meant for me. I had pretty much decided for the Lord that He was not going to give me the gift of marriage. But the Lord has since used my resignation and doubt to bring about an overflowing well of thanksgiving. The Lord continually reminds me of the grace He has worked in my heart as well as my husband's, which leads me to thanksgiving. But in the midst of such thanksgiving, I still can't believe the Lord's kindness to me. I still find myself questioning if this good gift was really meant for me. And, my friends, the answer to my questioning doubts is a resounding YES.

So again, what's in a name? For me a good gift mixed in with a lot of thanksgiving and an occasional doubt.

I can't believe it! I just blogged. :-)


  1. Hey! So I bumped into your blog while I was reading some. God is good!

    On waiting for marriage for all those years and finally getting married when you have finally given up...what an encouragement to some of us who are in their late 20s and asking questions. This whole journey proves a point that God is faithful, He keeps His word and He can't give you a desire that He won't satisfy.

    I can't wait to read more from you and congratulations for being so courageous as to start a blog and I am waiting for the book.

    Bless you.


    1. HEY! So glad you found me here. BUT as for the book, it's going to be a long wait, lol. And thanks, Tat, for the encouragement!

    2. While I wait for the book, I will be here reading your blog.

      Bless you lots!